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Connor Plumbing:  The Choice of Generations.

According to numerous and reputable web sites, including Ask.com and Wikipedia, a generation is about 30 years in length.

So, not only has Connor Plumbing been “the choice of generations” here in Beaumont and surrounding communities, but during the course of our 106 year history, we’ve provided service to four generations of area families…and counting.

Does it seem like only yesterday when we first opened our doors for business?  Not really, especially since times were so different back then.  But we do get a deep sense of personal and professional satisfaction every time a customer tells us something like this:  “I called you because my Daddy said you were the best, which is the same thing he heard from his Dad.”

It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Water Heater Solutions in Beaumont

In addition to general plumbing repair, maintenance, and installation, we are also water heater specialists.  We maintain and repair all makes and models of electric and gas storage tank water heaters.  And today we do the same for tankless water heaters.

We install new and replacement waters, too…exactly the right one for your home and budget.  We promise.

Beaumont Clogged Sewer & Drain Solutions, Too   

The top three reasons why home owners like you call a plumber?  Problems with a toilet, your hot water supply, or a clogged sewer or drain.

At Connor Plumber, we are your plumber for all reasons and seasons.  And that includes a full complement of sewer and drain services, including cleaning, repair, replacement, video camera inspection, and hydro-jetting to break up the really stubborn clogs.

Beaumont Whole-House Generators

Today, Connor Plumbing also installs and services whole-house electrical generators to help you keep the lights and power on even during an extended public power outage.

Connor Plumbing.  Yes, we’re still your father’s and grandfather’s plumbing company.  And then some.



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