You know when you’re most likely to think about acquiring a whole-house standby generator?  Right after the need for one has passed.  You know, when the public power supply has been stored and we all breathe a collective sigh of relief, almost as if to say “that wasn’t so bad.”

The thing is, not every family is equally equipped to deal with the stress, strain, and other consequences of a power outage. Some, for example, have a second home or relatives outside the area where they can ride out the storm without having to sacrifice electricity and everything that it provides.  Others have a portable standby generator they can activate which restores at least some of their power and makes a bad situation more tolerable. Still others have no at-home family members tied to life-saving, electrically operated medical equipment, which gives them greater flexibility in where and how they choose to ride out a storm and subsequent power outage.

Maybe, on the other hand, you’re not as lucky as “some people” and are having an increasingly difficult time enduring significant power outages, storm related or otherwise.  If so, then the best time to consider acquiring a whole-house standby generator might be right now, and for at least five very good reasons:

  • A whole-house generator provides power for your entire home and everything in it that runs on electricity.
  • The generator will engage automatically when the public power supply shuts down, and turn off once public power is restored.
  • Eliminates the need to find an emergency care center for a family member who depends on electrically-powered home medical equipment.
  • You’ll be spared the loss of potentially hundreds of dollars’ worth of food and other perishable items.
  • Since whole-house generators run on natural or propane gas, you’ll have power for as long as you need it during a public power outage.

Contact Connor Plumbing today for a free on-site estimate on a new whole-house generator for your home.  If you already have one but it’s been more than a year since it was last serviced, you’ll be glad to know that we service and repair all makes and models.

Those of us who live and work in the Beaumont area must have at least of the early settlers’ genes in us.

Okay, so maybe we don’t live in log cabins or wash our clothes down by the creek, but life in Jefferson County can be plenty adventurous with the ongoing threat of one storm or another knocking out electrical power.

Several years ago, Connor Plumbing took a positive step to help our customers keep their power in even if the public power supply were to shut down. And that was, we began installing whole-house generators.

Well, lo and behold, they started selling like hot cakes, with a lot of happy customers to show for it. But then we started getting some “not so happy” calls once customer generators didn’t perform as well during a second third power outage as it did the first time it was pressed into service.

So today, we’re here to tell you that just like your home AC and plumbing systems, a whole-house generator needs regular maintenance at least once a year, and preferably twice. Some need oil changes, others filter changes, dust needs to be removed, there are other parts that need to be cleaned, and so on. But here’s the key: only a professional should be engaged to maintain or repair your generator. It’s not a job even for a skilled DIYer.

At Connor, we maintain and repair all types of home generators, so if yours hasn’t been looked at in a year or more, contact us today so we can make sure yours is ready keep your power running the next time the public power supply goes out.


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