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How to Enjoy Greater Bathroom Safety in Groves & Port Neches, TX

You shouldn’t have to be an escape artist to get out of your bathroom in one piece.  And yet there are enough hazards confronting most people every day that having a little Houdini in you could prove to be a very valuable asset.

For those of you more inclined to simply turn your bathroom into a safer environment, we offer you the following bathroom safety suggestions:

  • Add grab bars.  It’s frighteningly easy to slip and fall inside your bathroom.  But by installing grab bars both outside and inside your tub or shower, you’ll cut down on the risk tremendously.  Grab bars are also a good remedy next to your toilet, especially for seniors or anyone with a disability.
  • Install a no-slip floor.  Add water to shiny and slick glazed ceramic tile or marble floor, and what do you get?  An accident and emergency room visit waiting to happen.  There are certain chemical products you can use to turn your current floor into a no-slip surface.  Or, if it’s time to for a new floor in your bathroom, check these non-slip products:  rubber tiles, cork, and non-glazed ceramic.
  • Switch to a walk-in tub.  One of the greater challenges as people age is getting into and out of the tub or shower without losing their balance and, worse, suffering a hard fall.  In fact, the problem is so widespread, that bathroom slips and falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits in America today.  One way to stem the tide is with low-entry walk-in tub with a built-in bench seat for added safety.
  • Install an anti-scald shower valve for good measure.  It’s probably happened to you before.  You’re enjoying a nice hot shower that suddenly turns not so nice and scalding.  How does that happen?  All someone has to do is turn on a cold water faucet or flush the toilet while you’re in the shower, and your plumbing system will respond by diverting cold water away from your shower to that source.  The solution?  An anti-scald shower valve that senses the pressure differential and automatically adjusts the water temperature downward until pressure balance is restored.

Here’s another great solution for added bathroom safety:  Connor Plumbing in Beaumont.  Safety is at the core of everything we do, and we have multiple solutions for making your entire home a safer living environment, starting in your bathroom or anyplace else you decide.  Give us a call to learn more about what we can do to better protect you and your loved ones.

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