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Gas Line Installation in Port Arthur and Port Neches

Even if your home already has a natural gas connection, that doesn’t mean you’re reaping all the advantages natural gas has to offer.

Let’s say, of example, that you’re sick and tired of running out or propane during a backyard barbecue.  Connor Plumbing can and affordably rectify that problem by installing a dedicated natural gas line and connecting it to your grill, exactly where you’d like it to be going forward.  And since natural gas is in abundant supply, no more busted up cookouts.

Or let’s say you’re in the early stages of remodeling your kitchen and a new range is part of the plan.  Before you run out and replace your current electric stove and oven for another one, first consider why gas might be the better choice.  For starters, gas stoves do a better job of evenly distributing eat.  Cooking temperatures are also more accurate, which is only part of the reason America’s top chefs and cooks prefer gas over electric.

You can also replace your electric dishwasher and clothes drier for gas-run models.

In fact, the more you take advantage of your home’s natural gas connection, the more energy you’ll save, and the more you’ll help lessen our dependence on foreign oil.  That’s because, in part, oil is used in the production of electricity.

To learn more about the benefits of natural gas heating and appliances, and to arrange a free quote to install one or more new gas connections in your home, contact Connor Plumbing today.

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