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Why Do Faucets Leak in Vidor and Beaumont?

One of the biggest green plumbing tips of all is to fix or replace a leaky faucet right away.  And rightfully so when you consider just how much waters is wasted.  In fact, one faucet leaking just 5 times a minute – which is not a lot – is responsible for the annual equivalent of 173 wasted gallons of water.

So yes, it’s obvious that even if just purely from the perspective of natural resource conservation, water faucet repair should be a major priority in every household.

But let’s take it a step further and assume that you have no idea how to fix a leaky faucet, but you’d at least like to know what causes them to leak in the first place.  Let’s have a look:

1. O ring Problem  – An O ring is the gasket near the base of your faucet stem that stops water from spilling out around the base every time you turn on the handle.  Like most mechanical parts the O ring can become loose or wear out over time, but can easily be replaced.  O ring problems are the most common in cartridge type faucets.

2. Corrosion in the Valve Seat – A valve seat is used to connect the faucet to the spout of a faucet.  When water sediments like calcium and manganese build up, then can cause the valve seat to corrode which, in turn, causes a leak around the area of the spout.  By keeping a valve seat clean, such corrosion can be prevented.

3. The Washer is all Washed Up – This is one of the most common causes behind a dripping faucet. During each use of a faucet, the washer presses against the valve seat under compression, and that constant friction will eventually cause it to wear out.  It’s easily replaced but, because there are so many different types, it’s better to remove the old washer first so you can take it to the hardware store to find an exact match.

4. The Washer was not Installed Correctly – Yep, the problem can be just that simple.  And keep in mind that “incorrect installation” can and often does include trying to install the wrong washer for your particular brand and model of faucet.

At Connor Plumbing, we know that not everyone is handy when it comes to even relatively simple plumbing repairs or, even if you are, you simply don’t have the time.  Well, we always do.  Have the time, that is, to help out with all your home plumbing needs, large and small.

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