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January Home Maintenance Tips in Groves & Lumberton

You and everyone else you know over the age of 12 has heard the following saying a thousand times or more:   “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Yes, it’s a cliché.  But one that gets repeated so often because it happens to be true.  If not in terms of actual weight, certainly in terms of the spirit in which it was originally intended.  And yet, often time, life gets in the way of us taking care of the little things. Then, before we know, those little things have become big headaches that require lots of time – and sometimes big bucks to make things right again.

So instead of letting that home maintenance to-do list grow longer and longer each day, protect your investment while making your home safer and more comfortable by tackling these important tasks this month.   You know, before the weather gets super nice and develop even more excuses to look the other way.

  • Do a thorough dusting. Dust under furniture, behind the fridge, and don’t forget heating vents. We’re talking that kind of thorough.
  • Clean major appliances. Clear out the fridge, scrub the oven, and freshen up the dishwasher with a cup of vinegar and a hot wash cycle, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your washing machine.
  • Organize kitchen cupboards and pantry. Toss expired spices and canned goods, and donate dishes, cups, and small appliances that you never use.
  • Repair or replace loose floor boards, stairs, and hand rails.
  • Inspect electrical outlets for drafts and add foam insulation if needed.
  • Repair leaky toilets and faucets.
  • Remove and clean sink drain traps, and use an old tooth brush to remove gunk from the drain. Then flush with hot water.

And, of course, if any of those items that need attention require the services of a capable and experienced plumber, then you need look further than Connor Plumbing.  We’ve been serving the plumbing needs of families and businesses throughout the Beaumont area since 1908.


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