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House Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore in Port Neches and Vidor

If you stop long enough to listen, sooner or later you’re bound to hear a strange noise or two coming from somewhere inside your house.

But while some noises are normal and to be expected – like squeaky stairs in an older home or settling in a newer home – others could mean that trouble is brewing. So the next time something goes bump in the night (or day), pay close attention. And if you hear any of the following, you might want to call a professional to see what’s going on before that little sound turns into a big problem.

Scratching or rattling. Think you heard something in the attic, basement, crawlspace, or from inside a wall? You might have some unwanted houseguests, like mice, skunks, squirrels, or raccoons. If so, you’ll want them “outta here” asap.

Water leaking, dripping, or flowing. Whether it’s a minor leak from the kitchen faucet, an almost silent drip behind a wall or cabinet, or a phantom toilet flush, ignoring these sounds for long could lead to a costly repair and cleanup.

A switch turning on and off. If you have well water, and hear something turning on and off when you run the faucet or flush a toilet, you might have a crack in the well pump. This constant “on and off” puts extra wear and tear on the pump and can cause it to fail prematurely.

A hissing sound. If you have gas heat and hear a hissing sound near the gas meter or at your home’s outdoor gas post, you may have a gas leak. If you hear that sound and smell gas, evacuate the premises immediately and call your gas company from a safe location.

At Connor Plumbing, we can make a lot of the unwanted noises go away, or at least any associated with your home plumbing fixtures or systems.  And the best way to accomplish that goal is with a whole-house plumbing inspection.  That enables to spot little signs that could lead to trouble before trouble actually erupts.  That, in turn, can save you a bundle of headaches, and money, too.  For more information or to request service, contact your local plumbing professionals at Connor Plumbing today.

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