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How to Fake a Clean House Before Guests Arrive

It’s 4 PM and your in-laws call to say they’re in the area and are planning to stop by for a visit.  In just about an hour.

Uh-oh, no time to do a proper cleaning.  In fact, you look around your house in utter despair and the state it’s in – not yet company ready.

No worries.  In fact, by following these 7 house cleaning shortcuts, you can turn even the dirtiest room in your home into a neat and tidy space in minutes.

  • Tuck shoes, umbrellas, hats, and gloves into cloth or wicker baskets under an entryway table or behind the front door. Usher away dust bunnies from the entryway with a handheld vacuum.
  • Do you have too much clutter on your coffee table or kitchen counters? An off-duty hamper is the perfect receptacle for stashing those loose items temporarily. Just don’t forget to put them in their respective cabinets, desks, and shelves once your guests are gone.
  • Use a handheld brush to gently massage away offending food debris, dirt, and fingerprints from your microfiber couch.
  • Has it been a while since you’ve given your blinds a good dusting? Simply turn them up to display the cleaner underside until you can get to dusting them.
  • Transform your tired sofa or chaise lounge by flipping battered cushions and pillows to reveal their good side.
  • Give the TV, coffee table, and end tables a clean, polished look by quickly running a microfiber cloth over them.
  • Quickly soak dirty dishes in a sink full of dish soap and warm water, then hide them in the dishwasher until you can run it. Wipe down counters and use a broom vac to quickly pick up any crumbs off the floor.

And there you have it, a house worthy of even the fussiest of guests.  Please let us know if this blog comes in handy while providing feedback on future blog topics you’d like to see addressed.  In the meantime, “thanks for reading” from all of us at Connor Plumbing.

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