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What Would You Do with a Second Kitchen Sink?

People update or remodel their kitchens for all sorts of reasons, but one that isn’t mentioned or discussed as much as others is improving meal time productivity.

Sure, why not liken your kitchen-activities to what goes on in a business and, in the process, think about what you could do to make meal preparation and clean-up more productive and, in the process, more fun.

And while there are all kinds of things you could do to enhance productivity in the kitchen, for purposes of this blog, let’s focus on just one of them:  adding a second sink.

Which immediately begs the question:  if you could add a second sink to your kitchen tomorrow, and in a different location than your current sink vs. replacing that one for a double sink, where would you put it and how do you think you might primarily use it?

Here are a few interesting and very do-able possibilities:

  • A Baking Station.  If you have a little bit of Betty Crocker in you, then you realize baking can be both messy and time consuming.  Having a second sink in your kitchen, regardless of where you might put it, could free up the other one for dinner prep and/or cleaning while allowing you and your helpers to do some multi-tasking.
  • Dish washing.  Preparing dinner for company or any special occasion can be a whole-day’s endeavor.  And along the way, you have dishes plus pots and pans to wash as you finish on task and prepare for another.  In other words, there’s a whole of starting and stopping and starting again going on.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a second sink that you could designate just for washing to help expedite meal preparation?
  • Beverage Prep and Serving.  Don’t you find it at least a little annoying when someone is trying to fix themselves a drink, using your sink, while you’re in the middle of chopping veggies?  Now you can get guests not only out of your hair, but out of the kitchen by installing a wet bar with sink in an adjacent room.
  • Coffee Station.  Coffee isn’t just coffee anymore.  It’s espresso, cappuccino, and various other concoctions that, for the budding or fully emerged connoisseur, requires a heap of more than just coffee beans and grinds – it requires all sorts of equipment, to say nothing of sugar bowls, cups, saucers, spoons, and more.  So how about your very own coffee station, sink and all?  

So many possibilities and we’ve barely scratched the surface.  Tell you what:  if you like the idea of adding a second sink in or nearby your kitchen, contact Connor Plumbing today.  We’ll answer all your plumbing-related questions and can even help you pick the idea location for sink number two – installed with extra care and professionalism, just for you, by our own experienced plumbers.

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