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Why You Need More than One Plunger.

When is a clogged drain REALLY clogged?  When you have to call a plumber for assistance. 

And while Connor Plumbing is always here to lend a helping hand, we’re also happy to assist valued customers like you in doing more to fix the problem yourself before picking up the phone.  


Take the very common and basic household plunger, for example.  Did you know that there are three basic types and that each one is designed for a very specific purpose?  By keeping the right drain cleaning tools handy, you’ll be able to unclog that many more sinks and toilets on your own.  And that’s a great way to save some money.  

Choosing the Right Plunger 

Here are the three basic types of plungers:   

  • The classic wooden handled, red rubber bell plunger is most often called the cup plunger. It’s designed for use with flat drains like those in your tub, shower, or kitchen sink.  It’s not terribly effective with toilets, however, since the large, flat opening makes it difficult to create a tight seal.
  • For best results with your toilets, reach for your flange plunger, named for its narrow flange (or opening).  In this case, smaller is better for creating a tight seal around a toilet bowl opening or other small drains with a curved surface.
  • The less common bellows plunger has a spring-like head and multiple pleats – just like an accordion – to give it extra plunging power.  It’s the plunger of choice when you have to work from an angle.   

A few more tips for the wise: 

  • Never plunge after using a chemical drain cleaner that can splash back and injure you.  At the same time, be sure to wear rubber gloves.
  • The less water in the sink or bowl, the less mess you’ll create when plunging.
  • The tighter the seal you form, the greater the plunging power due to increased water pressure.

Still, no matter how accomplished you might be at clearing a clogged drain or toilet, sooner or later you’re bound to need professional help. When that time comes – perhaps even now – we invite you to contact Connor Plumbing for all the help you need for clogged drain problems small and large.

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