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Bathroom Cleaning Shortcuts

Cleaning the bathroom is no one’s idea of a good time.  It’s more along the lines of “Let’s just get this over with.”

We’re with you 100% on that one.  Which is why we offer these time-saving bathroom cleaning tips to help you achieve the same “clean” as always, only faster.


  1. Keep your cleaning supplies handy. Keep your all-purpose cleaner, toilet brush, sponge, etc. within easy reach so you don’t waste valuable time in pre-cleaning warm-up.  Just be sure to lock up chemical products if there are young children in the home.
  2. Once you’ve cleared away makeup, hair products, and other frequently used items, keep them away. Use drawer dividers to store small items, and baskets for larger items like flat irons and hair dryers for under-cabinet storage. Strapped for space? An over-the-toilet cabinet can provide more.
  3. As the saying goes, it’s easier to keep up than catch up. Make a habit of spot cleaning throughout the week to make the weekly cleaning job less intense. Sprinkle the toilet bowl with baking soda before taking a shower, then scrub it with a toilet brush and flush when you’re done. After you shower, quickly wipe down the surround with a squeegee or sponge to prevent soap scum from building up. Wipe down the mirror and sink after brushing your teeth or washing your face.
  4. Use a disinfecting wipe to quickly clean the toilet. Start with the lid, tank and handle, then work your way down to the seat and base.
  5. Straighten up. Refold towels, throw dirty towels and clothing in a hamper (not the floor), pull the shower curtain closed so it can air out, and dispose of any trash. Use a hand vac to pick up stray hair and loose dirt.

Of course, keeping your bathroom clean won’t help if something goes wrong with your plumbing, but we can.  For faucet repair, unclogging a toilet, replacing a showerhead, and so much more, Connor Plumbing is the only plumbing resource you need.

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