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5 DIY Tips for Home Owners

Calling all home owners…or at least those of you who’ve had it up to “here” with paying too much for household repairs and not knowing who to trust.

As in, with a little mechanical aptitude and even a small tool box, there’s more you can do yourself than you probably realize.  Not to say you won’t need professional assistance from time to time, but we’ll get to that a little later. 

For now, let’s look at 5 simple DIY tips that could help save you time, money, and aggravation:  

  1. Pick an interior lock – Straighten out a bobby pin and insert it into the small hole beside or on the lock and jiggle it until you can feel the spring compress.  You also can bend it for better leverage and control.
  2. Locate a wall stud – If you don’t own a stud finder but need to locate a stud to hang a painting or planter, here’s a simple way to get started.  First, pick a corner where studs are almost certainly located.  Just to be sure, however, knock on it with your knuckles.  If the sound is a thud vs. a hollow ring, it’s a stud.  Then measure out 16 inches at a time.  If you like, repeat the knocking exercise and then mark the spot.
  3. Remove a broken light bulb – You’re going to love this one.  Start by turning off the power to that circuit or unplug the lamp.  Then, cut a raw potato in half and press either half – open end first – into the broken glass. Next, simply twist the bulb out of the socket.
  4. Bypass your electric garage door opener – If the power goes out and you need go get in or out of your garage, pull the red cord hanging from your garage ceiling. That will disengage the chain, thereby enabling you to open the door by hand.
  5. Caulking around your tub or anywhere else – If you can draw a straight line, you can caulk.  If it’s your first time, buy a cheap tube of Brand X and practice on a discarded piece of wood.  When it’s time for the real deal, cut the cone-shaped tip of the cap on an angle, and just be sure the diameter is large enough – but not too large – for your immediate application.  And, as always, follow the instructions on the packaging.

What happens when you’re not properly trained or equipped for the job at hand, like replacing a water heater?  That’s one of many occasions when you need a professional and, in this case, a professional plumber.  In and around Beaumont, Connor Plumbing has been providing high-quality plumbing services since 1908.  Today, we’d be happy to do the same for you.  Plus, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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