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How to Reduce Household Clutter

Isn’t it funny how, no matter how often you sort through your stuff to prevent clutter, it just seems to multiply right before your eyes? From bills and receipts, to shopping bags and containers, it’s easy to let clutter get the better of you. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, just plan to get rid of one item a day and you’ll be well on your way to a better organized home.


  1. Old Remote Controls – Chances are you have more remote controls than you know what to do with, so toss those that are broken or simply no longer control any equipment you currently have. Recycle them if you can after removing the batteries. 
  2. Books, CDs, Tapes, and DVDs – If your collection is getting a little dusty, perhaps it’s time to go through the stash, organize those you intend to keep, and donate the rest.
  3. Old Paint – Even unopened paint doesn’t last forever, especially if stored in the garage. Keep sealed paint containers in a temperature-controlled space and contact your local hazardous waste center for info on how to dispose of old cans.   
  4. Receipts – Whether for tax or warranty purposes, some receipts are important to keep. But instead of keeping them in a drawer or shoe box, scan and keep the copies online, organized by category or date.
  5. Curtains – Whether your style has changed, or you bought a set with the intention of getting crafty, old curtains that do nothing but collect dust are ready for curtain heaven. 
  6. Appliance Manuals – Since most appliance manuals can now be found online, start a folder on your laptop or PC and download the most important ones for safe keeping. As for those that apply to appliances you no longer own? You know what to do.
  7. Specialized Appliances – Lots of small appliances perform double or triple duty these days. Can’t remember the last time you used that specialty blender? Perhaps it’s time to sell or donate it. 
  8. Games with Missing Pieces – Puzzles and board games aren’t as fun with missing pieces. If you’ve looked to no avail, time to move on.  
  9. Instruments and Sports Equipment – If you or your children have long given up on playing football or the trumpet, give unused instruments and sports equipment a second life by donating them to a school in need.
  10. Plastic Containers – If that lid doesn’t have a mate, or that container has a stain you just can’t seem to wash out, just say good-bye.

De-cluttering is also a great opportunity to go through your garage or work space. Let’s say you find an old faucet you just couldn’t bear to part with or a garbage disposal with a twist here and turn there might just have a second life. In this case, parting shouldn’t be sorrowful at all. But if you do have a current plumbing need, Connor Plumbing is here to help any way we can…just like always.

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