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How to Simplify Home Living

What are the things you wish for daily, not counting winning Power Ball, a 100% increase in pay, or full college scholarships for your kids?

We’re talking about small, realistic goals…things like less stress, better weather, someone else to make dinner for change.  That kind of thing.  Well, if you were to make a list, we’re betting “getting better organized” would be on it.  Especially when you consider that improved household organization usually frees up more time, helps relieve stress, and leads to less clutter.

Here are 8 easy steps to help you get started.


  1. Clean out kitchen drawers and cabinets. Start with the infamous “junk drawer” and toss the broken crayons, loose screws, and old receipts that you haven’t needed in a year or longer. Then do the same with cabinets and other drawers, setting aside items you can donate.
  2. Take out a trash bag. Walk from room to room and toss any trash laying around into the bag, like empty wrappers, old coupons, empty bottles, dead plants, etc. Do this at least once a week to expand on and maintain what you’ve started.
  3. Put a stop to junk mail. If you don’t bother to look at the catalogs and magazines you get in the mail, call the companies and ask to be removed from the mailing lists, or cancel your subscription. You can also curb the flow of junk mail by registering at org.
  4. Organize your fridge and pantry. Remove it all and toss anything that’s stale or expired. Then, give the shelves and bins a wipe down before returning what’s still edible.
  5. Tackle the laundry. Make a habit of throwing one full load of laundry in the washing machine each morning to keep the inevitable mountain of laundry from piling up.
  6. Reduce the noise. Spend more quality time with your family by putting down your phone, turning off the TV, and rethinking your online habits. Consider taking a break from social media and not checking your phone during meals. Put social media and game apps into a separate folder so that they aren’t front and center every time you answer a call.
  7. Tackle your closet. Stop holding onto clothing that “may” fit eventually or that you received as a gift but have never worn. Pick out your favorite pieces, those that fit and make you feel confident, and donate the rest.
  8. Clean out your computer. Organize your files and delete anything that’s unnecessary. Consider moving photos and videos to an online storage service. Reduce junk e-mails by clicking unsubscribe.

Can making a few home plumbing changes simplify your life, as well?  Absolutely, and Connor Plumbing can help you with each one.  Faucet replacement, increasing your hot water supply, adding another outdoor faucet…all these and more are time and energy savers any home can benefit from.  Contact us today for more information a free in-home proposal.

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