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How to Care for Your Live Christmas Tree

Whether you cut it down yourself or go the pre-cut route, there’s nothing quite like the look, feel, and scent of a real Christmas tree. A

At the same time, it’s no fun watching the centerpiece of the holidays become dry and brittle long before the first carefully wrapped present is placed beneath it. So, this holiday season, keep your evergreen looking fresh and lush with these five important tips.


  1. Place it in water right away. Whether or not you plan to set up and decorate the tree immediately, be sure to get it into fresh water within 8 hours of getting it home. If the trunk wasn’t freshly cut when you purchased it, saw off a couple of inches before placing the tree in a stand or bucket of water. And remember, a freshly cut or trimmed tree can consume up to a gallon of water in its first few hours.
  2. Choose the right tree stand. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, an ideal stand should provide one quart of water for every inch of stem diameter. Also, choose a stand that comfortably fits the trunk to avoid having to shave it down, which will dry out the tree.
  3. Water the tree constantly. Once your tree it set up, check that the cut part of the trunk stays well below the water line and make sure it receives plenty of water over the coming weeks.
  4. Consider tree placement. You might be tempted to place your Christmas tree in front of your beautiful bay window or near the fireplace, but doing so can make it dry out faster. Place the tree away from heat sources and out of the sun, and keep indoor temperatures a little on the cool side.
  5. Watch the needles. If you notice falling needles and droopy branches, it might be time to remove the lights and decorations and take the tree outside. When needles drop when you touch them, it means the tree is drying out. A dry tree poses a significant fire hazard.

Here at Connor Plumbing, we don’t cut or decorate our customers’ Christmas trees. But we do offer superior plumbing service, repairs, and new installations.  Happy holidays and let us know any time you need assistance.


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