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How to Prevent Clogged Sewer Problems

Let’s say you’re the most careful toilet flusher on the planet…same with the rest of your family.

That means you flush only what you’re supposed to…not jewelry, toys, cigarette butts, paper towels…nothing that could cause a major blockage.

And that’s great, because that means you’ll never have to worry about anything going wrong with your underground sewer pipes, right?  Uh, sorry, but the correct answer is “wrong”.  Allow us to explain.


A clogged, cracked, or broken sewer line can be caused by several factors, not just toilet etiquette.  Take, for example, tree and shrub roots.  If you have deep-rooted trees or shrubs within 30 feet of your house, you have cause for concern.  Here’s why:

  • Roots seek out the very “stuff” you’re getting rid of…human waste
  • That’s because human waste is rich in the very nutrients that plants need not just to survive, but flourish
  • As such, roots will naturally gravitate toward the pipes
  • They’ll look for any way possible to gain entry
  • When all else fails and given enough time, they’re able to break in, and that’s where the fun really begins.

Right now, it’s easy to suggest that you plant no new trees or shrubs close to your house, at least not those with deep roots. But that won’t help with what’s already in the ground.

So, your second best alternative – and a really good one – is to treat your sewer pipes with a regular dosage of Root-X. It’s an all-natural product that kills existing roots inside your sewer pipes without harming trees or shrubs. Roo-X also prevent future in-pipe growth.

Root-X only can be applied by a licensed plumber so, to help prevent a potentially large and costly sewer pipe problem, contact us today and ask for a Root-X treatment.



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