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The Benefits of a Natural Gas Dryer

Decisions can be huge, tiny, or in between. A huge decision? Whether or not to remodel your kitchen a year or so before you plan to sell your house. After all, how do you know you’ll ever get that money back.

An in-between decision? Do you take your early teen kids to Disney World before they’re old enough to go on their own, or have you had enough of that very costly “magic?”

As for life’s tiny decisions that almost make themselves, how about running a load of clothes in the dryer.  For shirts and pants, you use the permanent-press cycle most likely…not too much to think about there.  And before starting any load, you clean the lint filter…after all, it’s the safe thing to do.


But what about when it’s time to replace your dryer?  Maybe, just maybe, the decision isn’t quite as easy as you might think. For example, chances are you’ve had an electric dryer all along, so that’s where you’re going to start looking now: in the electric dryer section of your local appliance store.

But may we suggest at least stopping by the gas dryer section and asking the sales person why that might be your better choice?

Here’s a couple of gas dryer pluses to consider before you go shopping:

  • Saves money. While gas dryers cost a little more than electric models, you’ll likely make up the difference in energy savings in a year or less.  After that, you can pocket the energy savings, free and clear.
  • Takes less time. Some gas dryers have sensors that shut the dryer off when clothes are fully dried, regardless of how long you set the timer for.
  • Longer equipment life. Less time spent drying clothes means less wear and tear, and that means longer equipment life for added savings.
  • Helps conserve oil. Gas dryers use only a minimal amount of electricity, so they aren’t drawing so much on power generated by electric plants which burn harmful fuels such as coal. This in turn means that gas clothes dryers don’t contribute to toxic carbon dioxide emissions as much as electric dryers.
  • Less static cling. Many gas dryers have in-built moisture sensors that help prevent your clothes from over-drying. That helps reduce wrinkling and lessen static cling.

Don’t already have a gas connection near your clothes dryer?  That’s where we come in:  Connor Plumbing.  As licensed lumbers and gasfitters, we can install dedicated gas lines anywhere inside or outside your home:  yes, even for a new gas range or grill.  Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and proposal.


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