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How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger


Do you have a cramped, hard-to-navigate bathroom?

If so, chances are you’ve learned to live with it. After all, how much can one accomplish when you barely have room for the necessities?

Well, “how much” is precisely the point of this blog so, let’s dive right into it.

Similar Colors and Values

Dark walls and light-colored tiles don’t mix in a small bathroom. That serves only to visually chop up the space and make it seem smaller still. If you want contrast, nonetheless, use certain objects like a low cabinet, pottery, or a decorative light fixture to make a stylistic statement. They’ll call attention to themselves while all else recedes into the background.

Let Light In

Windows are great ways to make a room look bigger, so don’t cover yours with dark, opaque shades. Invest in frosted windows or sheer curtains instead. Don’t have a window in there? See if it’s practical to have one added.


Mirrors reflect light on bathroom surfaces and can create the illusion of added space. Instead of hanging a tiny mirror above the sink, use multiple mirrors or cover one whole wall to add a sense of depth in a confined space.

Floating Furniture

If you absolutely rely on drawers to hide your clutter, consider a floating vanity – one without legs. Floating vanities attach to the wall and keep your floors clear, which can make the room look and feel more spacious.

Pedestal Sinks

These take up very little room and look fantastic. To make up for the storage space you might lose, install an open cabinet or shelving beside the sink. You’ll get more storage than you would in a low-profile vanity.

Clear Glass Frameless Shower Enclosure

The largest item in a full bathroom is the shower or the bathtub/shower combination. Adding to that sense of size is the enclosure. While removing the enclosure is out of the question, you can take the next best step and make that enclosure transparent with glass doors.

Here at Connor Plumbing, we can help a great deal both before and during your next kitchen and bath upgrade. For more information or a free in-home consultation, contact us today.

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