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How to Remove Hair Dye from your Sink or Tub


Dyeing your hair can be a fast and fun way to change your look but cleaning up the aftermath is considerably less fun – or, at least, it can be. If you’ve ever done the dyeing deed, then you may have painted your sink or tub a time or two in the process. Even if the evidence of hair dye is still apparent, fear not – help is at hand.

In fact, there are lots of creative ways to clean up the stains and spots that hair dye can leave behind. Here are just a few.

Natural Cleaners

If you’re part of the green movement, you’ll likely want to clean up the stains using one of these chemical-free methods:

Baking soda and vinegar. This tried and true cleaning combo works best on tub or sink stains if you mix them into a paste. Apply the paste to the stained area and let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then rub in the paste until the stains disappear and rinse with water.

Lemon or citrus oil. If you’re familiar with the power of essential oils, then you know lemon or citrus oil is an extremely potent cleaner. Apply the oil to the stain and rub it in lightly with a cotton cloth. You may need to let it sit for a few minutes to loosen the stain. If you’re cleaning a fiberglass tub, be sure to thoroughly rinse away excess oil.

Rubbing alcohol. This first aid sanitizer also has great cleaning power, especially when it comes to stain removal. Just be careful not to apply the alcohol to painted surfaces.

Chemical Cleaners

If the stains on your tub or sink are particularly stubborn, you may want to try a more powerful chemical cleaner in addition to or instead of natural cleaning methods. Diluted bleach is a great stain remover, but there are other effective methods:

Nail polish remover. The acetone in nail polish has stain removal properties. Once again, don’t apply this substance to more delicate surfaces, such as painted wood or vinyl floors. For extra cleaning power, use a magic eraser sponge with the nail polish remover to loosen the stain.

Soft Scrub with bleach. This combo does a great job of scrubbing away stains and leaving your tub white without scratching or harming the surface. Dry the area with the stain and apply the cleaner. Scrub the stain until there’s a light coat of Soft Scrub covering the area. Let it sit for a few minutes and then scrub the spots again with a non-scratch sponge before rinsing.

If hair dye staining is a common occurrence in your home, the next time, try coating your sink, tub, or countertops with a light application of liquid soap to prevent staining in the first place.

But let’s say the damage to your sink or tub is too much to overcome, from hair dyeing or anything else. Just turn to your local heroes at Connor Plumbing for replacement toilets, sinks, tubs, and all other residential plumbing fixtures and systems. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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