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Touchless bathroom faucets have been making the public restroom circuit for quite some time. You know how it works – you wave your hands in front of a sensor and voila – water starts to flow. Move your hands away, and the water stops.
Now, more and more homeowners are adding this convenient plumbing fixture to their kitchens and bathrooms. Wondering if a touchless faucet is right for you? Here are three benefits to consider.
Water and Energy Efficient
No matter how careful you are, some water will get wasted. Children might leave faucets running after washing hands. You may start the kitchen faucet to wash dishes and get pulled away to tend to another matter. Sometimes you think you’ve shut it off all the way only to return to find a slow drip. Each such incident can result in gallons upon gallons of wasted water each year and, inevitably, higher water bills. Some of the waste will come from the hot water faucet, and that means higher energy costs, too. But, since touchless faucets use sensors, water will automatically turn on or off as needed. No waste, and no wasted money.
More Hygienic
Bathroom and kitchen faucets collect a surprising number of germs and bacteria, all of which can easily be transferred to other surfaces, utensils, and food, thus leading to cross-contamination, infections, and other related health problems. However, with a touchless faucet, you reduce contact with the faucet while washing hands, dishes, or during food prep. Less contact, reduced risk of spreading infection.
Better Temperature Control
In addition to being less wasteful and more hygienic, touchless faucets offer improved temperature control. Let’s say you want a nice, cold, glass of water. With a traditional faucet, you have no choice but to let the water run until it gets to your desired temperature, which again wastes water. Need hot (but not too-hot) water for washing dishes? More trial and error until you get it just right. But with a touchless, digital faucet, you can preset desired temperatures so your water is always just right.
What’s more, touchless faucets help prevent scalding, especially among children and the elderly. They’re also the perfect choice for anyone with arthritis or other ailment that inhibits their dexterity.
So, if your home and family could benefit from the added convenience and cost savings of touchless faucet, contact Connor Plumbing today to schedule installation.

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