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Of all the things that we just expect to work in our homes day or night, perhaps the one we take for most for granted is the plumbing. Yet there’s nothing more frustrating than turning on the shower only to find out that you have no hot water, or finding water damage on your ceiling from “who knows where.”


Of course, most if not all of life’s unpleasant plumbing surprises can be prevent with the simple and very affordable measure of an annual whole-house plumbing inspection.

During each inspection, a trained and qualified Connor plumber will check for leaks, corroded pipes or fittings, poorly installed fixtures, and so much more. In the process, we’ll uncover potential problems before they leave you standing in ankle-deep water. If that’s not reason enough to schedule your inspection today, here are three more:

Your family’s safety.

Even a small bit of water leaking behind a wall or cabinet can promote mold growth, which can be harmful to your family’s health. But a thorough inspection can uncover hidden leaks so that they can be fixed and respiratory problems avoided.

Extended lifespan of pipes and fixtures.

Nothing lasts forever, but with a little preventive care, your plumbing fixtures and systems stem can outlive their expected lifespan. Taking care of leaks, repairing or replacing damaged water pipes and valves, and inspecting connections to your water-using appliances are all crucial to keeping your home’s plumbing in tip top shape for years to come.

Money back in your pocket.

Water leaks not only waste this precious resource, but also cost you money. So finding and fixing them is paramount. What’s more, uncovering and repairing minor plumbing problems now could prevent more costly and damaging breakdowns down the road.

Life can be aggravating enough on its own.  So why not ensure a little less aggravation in your home by contacting Connor Plumbing today for a whole-house plumbing inspection.  You’ll find we’re great to have a round for your family’s greater comfort, convenience, and safety.

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