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Since your body is 72% water, doesn’t it make sense to drink water that’s 100% pure? We think so too.
While there are different ways to accomplish that goal, here’s one that more and more people are turning to:  an under sink (also called “point-of-use”) water filter.
Just like it sounds, a water filter is installed under your kitchen sink, and attaches to a dedicated faucet in addition to the one or two already on the counter. That way, you won’t waste filtered water for household chores, water your plants, etc.
It’s also a far greater alternative than stocking your refrigerator with store-bought plastic water bottles, especially when you consider how much they cost.  Let’s say, for example, that you drank of three 16 oz. bottles of water per day. At an average cost of $1.45 per bottle, that amount of water would cost you nearly $1,600 per year.  Add to that the amount other families drink, and it’s an expense you might want to re-think.
Plus, about 40% of bottled water is unfiltered…kind of defeats the purpose, right?
On the other hand, an under-sink filter delivers only filtered water and provides these associated benefits:

30% Reduced risk of GI disorders and disease. Since clean water helps improve the functionality of your digestive system, it also boosts your body’s natural immune system.
Flushes bodily toxins.
Costs less than bottled water and helps protect the environment.
Aids children’s immune systems.
Improves skin hydration.
Tastes better than tap water.

If you’re like to start drinking and cooking with pure, clean and healthy water, contact Connor Plumbing today for more information and a free new system quote.  FYI, we also stall and maintain whole-house water filtration systems.

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