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Every time you pour a glass of water, boil some potatoes, and run the washing machine, you take for granted that you’re doing so with good quality water. After all, if it doesn’t taste or smell bad, then it must be in good condition, right? Not necessarily.
You see, water contamination issues are rampant, impacting about 95% of all American homes. Fortunately, most of that contamination is not cause for concern.
Other water quality issues, on the other hand, are better off treated than ignored. Take hard water conditions, for example. There’s a good chance you have hard water if you notice any of the following warning signs:

Clothes not coming clean in the wash the first time
Colors fading and yellowing in the wash
More suds needed in your washing machine to get the job done
More shampoo needed for clean hair
Dry, flaky skin
Mineral deposits on your faucets, shower doors, tea kettle, and more
A milky screen on glasses and dishes after you’ve run the dishwasher

While hard water – caused by an excess of calcium and magnesium in your water supply – isn’t harmful to your health, it can do damage to your budget by requiring you to purchase more detergents and personal care products. Hard water can also corrode the inside of your water pipes, thereby resulting in otherwise unnecessary plumbing bills.

Symptoms of hard water
A metal taste to your water, red or blue-green stains on porcelain fixtures, or reduced water pressure – all signs of acidic water
Water that smells or tastes “funny”
Any family health issues that can’t otherwise be explained

Here at Connor Plumbing, we install, maintain, and repair both under-sink and whole-house water filtration systems. At your request, we’ll be happy to explain the relative advantages of each and provide you with a free new water filter quote. Contact us today so you too can start enjoying the highest quality water possible.

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