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Let’s say, for the sake of discussion and comparison, that you hired a carpenter to build a new deck for your home.  You’ve saved your money for the occasion, got a great price on the project from a local carpenter, and now it’s time to get down to business.
On the morning the project is set to get underway, a young man you guess to be about 18 years old rings your doorbell and later announces himself as your carpenter.  Then reality check number one hits you squarely in the jaw:  you forgot to ask how much building experience he had.  It also occurs to you that, yes, you got a great price, but the carpenter never even came out to look at your property before quoting the job.  Instead, he based his quote solely on the dimensions you provided and a couple of photos of the work area you emailed to him.
Still, he’s here, the wood’s already been delivered, so how badly can all this turn out?  Well, before you have time to answer your own question, the carpenter further adds to your growing fears by telling you how pleased he is for this opportunity to build his very first deck, “but boy do I wish I had all the right tools – oh well, somehow I’ll manage.”
And what do you have?  Buyer’s remorse, big time, even before the first nail is hammered.  The very same buyer’s remorse that can – and will – befall you if you hire the wrong person or company for a drain cleaning job they’re simply not equipped to handle – either from lack of experience, skill, or having all the necessary tools.
The fact is, not all clogged toilet problems are alike, and neither are those that cause drains to clog.  Sure, sometimes all it takes is a plumber with a plunger, snake, and auger to clear things up, but often times, a great deal more is required.
So, to help you avoid paying for the same job two or more times, here’s our advice before choosing a drain cleaning company:

Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations.
If you’re not satisfied with the above, go online and browse local service providers, checking carefully that drain cleaning is one of their core services.
To further ensure that the job can be handled by whichever company you decide on, verify that they have the following advanced drain cleaning equipment:
CCTV camera for in-line video inspection – that helps pinpoint the exact location and extent of the problem if it the clog can’t readily be cleared.
High-powered water jetter to bust up even the most stubborn of clogs.

Finally, and for your ultimate peace of mind, hire a drain cleaning company that also has extensive experience in drain line repairs and replacement.
Just for the record, Connor Plumbing has all the drain clearing experience, skill, and equipment for any size job and any size home.  Drain cleaning isn’t one of our “other” services, it’s one of our “core” services.  Having a problem right now?  Give us a call and let’s get it solved.

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