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What will they think of next, right?  As if the country needs a national Get Ready Day to remind us of the importance of preparing in advance for the unexpected, especially when the unexpected can lead to unpleasantness, and worse.
Come to think of it, we can ALL use friendly reminders from time to time on how to prepare for an emergency, especially when you consider just how many different types of home emergencies can arise at any given time.  (By the way, there really is a national Get Ready Day, and it’s September 16, 2014.)
So from the family-owned and operated business of Connor Plumbing to your family, here are several ideas for being just a little better prepared, perhaps, than you already are for “come what may.”

Keep a first aid kit handy at all times in each family car, and make sure it’s fully-stocked at all times.

Could you save somebody’s life from choking if you had to?  If not, do a good thing for your family and sign up for CPR class or have someone you know properly instruct you.

Have an emergency escape plan in place in case of a home fire, and practice it at least twice a year.

Make sure all medicines are safely secured and out of the reach of children.  At the same time, keep the phone number of the Poison Control Center handy at all times along with the names and numbers of all your other emergency contacts.

Would you know what to do in case of a major leak in your home or a water leak emanating from your water heater?  Make sure all grown children and adults know where your main water valve is located, and how to shut it off.

What if your family were to be separated during a hurricane or similar natural disaster.  Pre-select two meeting places, and keep your cell phones well-charged at all times to help ensure ease of contact.

Should you have to evacuate during a storm, plan ahead for your pets by locating in advance animal shelters and/or pet-friendly hotels along or even beyond your escape route.

May all your emergencies be small ones.  Still, in good or challenging times, you can count on Connor Plumbing for all your home plumbing needs, and to get your home and plumbing returned to normal in the shortest amount of time possible.

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