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“Come on,” you say, “there’s not really one single thing that can help solve all of that?”
Actually, there is a such a thing:  a sensor operated faucet, now available for use in your bathroom or kitchen.  Better yet, they can do more than help you save water, money, and stop germs from spreading.  Here are a few additional benefits:
* Easy to operate.
* Prevent water from overflowing.
* Can be preset to protect family members from scalding.
If you travel for pleasure or business, you’ve already encountered plenty of sensor operated (also called “hands free” or “touchless”) faucets in restaurants and other public buildings around the country.  They’re a reflection of an America intent on taking green living seriously, and now you can extend the benefits of these faucets right into your own home.
How exactly does a sensor operated faucet stop germs from spreading?  Well, when you consider that touching is one of the most common ways germs are spread, not needing to touch the same faucet handles as an infirmed family member gives germs one less means of infecting others.
And where do the water and money savings come into play?  That’s an easy one:  with a sensor operated faucet, the water flows only when it senses close-up movement from your hands.  That in turn means no more water will be wasted while you’re shaving or brushing your teeth.
Sensor operated (aka “hands free” or ) faucets also come in electronic and battery operated models.  While battery operated models cost less initially, electronic models are easier to maintain.
For more information or to request our professional installation services, contact Connor Plumbing today.  As always, we’re dedicated to your family’s comfort, convenience, and to greener living.

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