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While it’s true that most homeowners wait until the warmer weather months to tackle most  home projects, winter is actually a great time to check a few items off your to-do list.  That way, you’ll be farther ahead of the curve come spring and feel a little better about your house and yourself as an added double bonus.
Not sure where to start?  Here are 6 worthwhile projects just to get you started in the right direction.
Start planning for remodeling projects. Even if you’re not quite ready to gut your bathroom or finish the basement, now is a great time to start your research, plan your wants and needs, and set a budget. And by researching contractors before the warm weather hits, you’ll have a better chance of securing the one you want before he or she gets too booked up.
Have an energy audit. You know drafty windows and doors cause your home to lose precious warmth. But your home could be losing heat in places you don’t even realize. A home energy audit can help root out those darned energy hogs so that you can improve your home’s efficiency and put more money back in your pocket.
Get organized. Many homeowners vow to get better organized at the start of a new year. But after a few months – or even weeks – that enthusiasm starts to fade. Stay on task by creating a list of places you wish to tackle and dedicate 30 minutes each day to steadily work through that list. You’ll prevent burn-out and see a huge difference in just one month.
Maintain your furniture. Scratches on your dining room table, a rip in your couch cushion, and all those other common dings and dents can make your furniture – and the space it occupies – look more warn than it really is. With proper and timely maintenance, you can add years of enjoyment and keep it looking new for decades.
Repair the small stuff. Take a walk through your home and make note of minor issues that need your attention, like that sticky drawer or leaky faucet. Then make a plan to tackle them, one at a time, starting with the most important projects first, especially those that could be wasting water or energy.
Be a smart shopper. We all know that January is a great month to snag great deals on electronics and holiday decorations, but if you have other plans for your money or are already pushing the limits of your home storage, think twice before filling the trunk of your car.
If any of those “pesky projects” involve plumbing, then you can count on Connor Plumbing to be the friend you need, and for a job well done.  Leaky pipes or faucets, clogged drains, a garbage disposal that won’t dispose – we do it all, and all to you complete satisfaction.

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