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It’s amazing what a few simple updates can do to completely transform the look and feel of a room.  Your Beaumont area bathroom is no exception. Whether you’re considering selling your home or simply tired of looking at the same old space, here are a few easy changes that can take your bathroom to the next level:  without busting your budget.
1. Color – Sounds simple enough, but a fresh, crisp coat of paint can do wonders to change the mood of your “powder room.” But don’t just stop at the walls. Has that vanity seen better days? A good sanding, some primer, paint, and a little elbow grease can make it shine once again.
2. Update the fixtures – Classic or contemporary, traditional or sleek and modern, bathroom fixtures come in any style to match your mood and design style. Consider installing a low-flow shower head and faucet not only to conserve some water, but a save a few dollars on your home energy bill, too.
3. Brighten up the grout – Nothing can make a bathroom floor or tile surround look old and dingy like dirty grout. If a good scrubbing doesn’t do the trick, you might want to invest in having your tile re-grouted. While this requires a bit of an investment, it’s definitely less costly than replacing the tile.
4. Rethink storage – There’s more to storage than your trusty cabinet or over-the-toilet shelf. Secure one side of a small, old (cleaned and maybe painted) wooden ladder to the wall for a rustic towel rack. If your bathroom cabinet has open shelving, forgo the standard wicker baskets and use small galvanized pails to store wash cloths, extra toiletries, toilet paper and other essentials.
5. Get decorative – Finish off your desired look by adding in decorative accents like wall art, candles, or vintage jars for a creative place to keep cotton balls and q-tips. Or, make a bold statement with a one-of-a-kind DIY shower curtain.
Just keep in mind that if you are making these updates to prepare your home for sale, it’s best to keep things it simple and clean. While you might love fire engine red walls surrounding your commode, your potential buyers probably won’t. Soft, soothing hues help potential buyers picture their belongings in your home.
For more ambitious bathroom upgrades or any kind of plumbing work at all, contact Connor  Plumbing today.  We’re your plumber for all reasons, and all seasons.

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