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Drive anywhere throughout the Greater Beaumont area, especially on the weekends, take a deep breath, and what’s the first thing you’re likely to smell?  Well, on a good day, at least, the tantalizing scent of a backyard cookout.
It’s almost enough to make you want to invite yourself over, even if you don’t know the hosts.
Of course, not everyone is an experienced grill person.  And nothing bears that out more than this sobering statistic from the National Fire Protection Association:  grills, smokers, and hibachis are involved in an average of 8,300 fires each year.
The good news is that many of these can be prevented with a few simple – but important – safety measures that we’d now like to share with you.

Check your grill for signs of rust at various times throughout the grilling season.  Also check for rust on your propane tanks along with loose connection, corroded hoses, and any other visual signs of damage or wear.

Make sure your grill is on a flat surface and at least ten feet away from your house, shrubbery, or anything else capable of catching fire.

Clean your grill often, and don’t let grease accumulate on the catch tray.

Lighter fluid is the only flammable liquid you should use to start a charcoal fire, and don’t use any more than you really need

Don’t wear loose clothes while grilling or allow your hands to get too close to the flame.  Long-handled grilling tools and oven mitts are the perfect barbecue companions.

Never leave a burning grill unattended, as a sudden gust of wind can shoot flames out in all directions.

Should a fire flare up anyway, close the lid and turn off the gas supply if it’s safe to do so.  Otherwise call 911 immediately and from a safe distance.

For your added convenience and safety, Connor Plumbing recommends installing a grill with its own dedicated natural or propane gas line.  That means no more cumbersome and flammable propane tanks, plus we can install the grill and a dedicated gas line in a safe location.  Call us today for a free quote.

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