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Good plumbing doesn’t come cheap. Not if you want it to perform and last as long as possible.
And while you can’t call home plumbing an investment, it does represent a series of smart expenses designed to maintain the kind of comfort, convenience, and added safety you value.
Here’s something else to keep in mind:  no plumbing system or fixture is designed to last forever. However, with annual professional maintenance, it can outlive its average lifetime and cause you fewer repair issues along the way.
Priority Service Club
Here at Connor Plumbing, we offer you membership in our Priority Service Club. For your one low annual fee, you’ll receive not just one but two whole-house plumbing inspections per year…just what this plumbing doctor ordered.
Here’s what you can membership includes:

A 10% discount on all Connor Plumbing services.
No dispatch fee when we perform the work you called about.

You’ll also be treated to priority scheduling, not to mention the added peace of mind that comes with knowing your plumbing is in the best possible care.
Contact us today for more information. Or, we can enroll you in our Priority Service Club over the phone.

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