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Do you ever walk around your home trying to figure out what that smell is and where it’s coming from? In many cases, it could be as something as innocent as your toddlers forgotten sippy cup of milk hidden under his bed. But in other cases, your nose could be alerting you to some serious hidden dangers.
Here are 5 smells you should never ignore in your home.
1. Gas – This is probably the most important one since it could mean there is a gas leak in your home which could result in an explosion or fire. Should you ever smell a “rotten egg” type odor, evacuate your house immediately and call the gas company from a safe distance. Do not turn lights or appliances on or off, and avoid using your car as they could create a spark.
2. Musty Odor – If any room or area of your home smells musty, it could be due to a leak, water intrusion, or inadequate ventilation in bathrooms, which will inevitably lead to mold growth if not tended to. Make sure to always run the vent fan while showering or bathing or leave a window cracked open. Do a visual inspection of all plumbing fixtures and pipes, and look for signs of moisture in the basement and attic. If you come up empty, contact a home inspector for a more thorough inspection.
3. Bathroom Odor – Bathrooms are no strangers to odor, but if yours smells like a portable-potty more often than not, you could have a sewer gas leak or a cracked or broken vent pipe. Contact a qualified plumber immediately.
4. Smoke – Unless you just put out a candle or starting a fire in your fireplace, the smell of smoke in your home is never good news. If you notice even a slightest odor while turning lights on/off, or using certain electronics, you could have old, damaged, or frayed wiring which could result in a fire. Contact an electrician to evaluate and remedy the problem.
5. Wet Dog – Notice a lingering wet dog smell, but you don’t have a dog? You could have rodents or other uninvited guests in your attic, basement, crawlspace, or in your walls. Look for signs of rodent infestation and listen for any unusual noises. If you spot one or the other, contact a local exterminator for help.

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