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Whether you call them outside faucets or hose bibs, chances are you could benefit from one or more new ones. 
Think about that for a minute, as in, how much more productive and convenient would life outdoors be if you had easier access to water?  If you have a faucet only in your backyard and your car is out front needing a wash, you basically have two choices: drive it to the car wash or spend all afternoon filling one pail of water after another.
Okay, so now, you have a faucet in front and back, but decide to do some landscaping on the side….to far away to be easily reached by a hose connected to either existing faucet.
Is it a difficult or expensive process to add more faucets?  Usually not. In fact, if you have a crawl space or partially unfinished basement, it might be easier and more affordable than you might think.  
In most cases an outside hose bib can be pulled off any cold supply line — if you have an interior bath on an exterior wall, you may even be able to connect a line to your cold-water vanity sink supply.
The point is, where there’s a will and a need, Connor Plumbing can make it happen.  To learn more about adding outside hose bibs and other outdoor plumbing to your home, contact us today for a free proposal and recommendations you can trust.

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