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If you just take it as gospel that outdoor faucets produce cold water only, we’re here to inform you otherwise.  Because in no time at all, Connor Plumbing can either replace an existing cold-water faucet with one that produces hot and cold, or install a brand-new faucet where it’s most convenient for you.
So now that you know it’s doable, what exactly would you do with such a convenience? Here are a few suggestions just to get you started:

No more lugging pails of hot water outside
Clean your car more thoroughly and save money by not going to the car wash as often
No more indoor baths for Fido, at least not during the warm weather months
Keep your patio furniture and gas grill clean
Do any fishing? Now, instead of gutting a fish in the kitchen and stinking up the whole house, take care of business outdoors.
Clean up after a camping trip like a pro.
Keep your gardening tools showroom clean.

Like all medicines, tramadol can cause side effects although not everyone gets them No doubt you can add substantially to that list. Now, all you need to do is contact Connor Plumbing for a free quote and prompt installation. By the way, have a swimming pool? Well then, how much more convenient would it be with a hot and cold outdoor shower, too?!

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