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Your home comfort systems, including your water heater, aren’t just household fixtures – they’re investments.  And like any good investment, the more attention you give it, the more likely you are to increase its value.
One of the best ways to maximize your investment in a steady and sufficient supply of hot water is to flush your system’s storage tank at least once a year to get rid of built-up sediment. That sediment, which results of mineral deposits like calcium and manganese, sits at the bottom of your tank and displaces your hot water volume.  That causes a reduced supply of hot water, plus the formation of calcium, scale, rust, dirt, and iron in the tank bottom.
Here’s how to safely and effectively to flush your water heater:

Turn off the power on your electric water heater.  If you have a gas system, set the temperature dial to vacation or pilot only.

Turn off the cold water inlet valve. It should be near the top on the cold water line entering the tank.

Hook up a garden hose to the bottom of the tank where you see a hose bib. Place the other end of the hose outdoors and be sure to keep it away from anything that could be damaged by the tainted water. The water coming out of the tank is hot, so use extreme  caution!

Open a hot water faucet located near the hot water tank. This relieves the water pressure in the water supply line and tank, allowing air to enter the tank for easy drainage.

Open the hose bib at the bottom of the tank. After the tank is drained once, re-fill it to about half full and drain it one more time.

Make sure the hose bib on the bottom of the tank is closed. Disconnect the hose.

Close the hot water faucet you opened earlier.

Open the cold water inlet valve to the tank. Let the tank fill.

Turn your power back on (electric) or turn the red temp valve (gas) back up.

This isn’t a job for everyone.  Does that include you?  Then contact Connor Plumbing and we’ll be happy to drain and flush your water heater for you.  The important thing is to remain faithful to this task once a year for your system’s peak performance and longer shelf life

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