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Want to Trace the History of Connor Plumbing?

Then You Have to Go Back Before the Ford Model T

Was Introduced.

Henry Ford unveiled his Model T in 1908, the first production line car manufactured in the US and, according to some, the birth of the American middle class.

Auto transportation has advanced light years since then…and so has plumbing, a fact clearly on display every day at Connor Plumbing, right here in Beaumont, TX.

While ol’ Henry was building his prototypes and factories, Emile Krimmel was all around town helping people enjoy great convenience and luxury with his diverse plumbing skills and resources. For those of you not familiar with our history, Emile was the founder and owner of Krimmel Plumbing which, some fifty years later, became Connor Plumbing…the company you, your parents, and grandparents have known and trusted ever since.

Jim Connor purchased the company from Mr. Krimmel in the mid-1950’s and was joined about 10 years later by his son, Mike. And, keeping with the family tradition, Mike’s son Mike Jr. teamed up with his dad in 1992 and remains at the helm to this day…until that day comes when he decides to pass the baton to the next generation of .

What’s changed over the years? It’s so much easier to look at what hasn’t. We’re family owned, and we’re still only as good as our last job. At the same time, and with roots firmly established in family values and reliability, we are highly trained in existing and emerging plumbing technologies, systems, and innovations.

If water runs through it, chances are we do it…and all for your greater convenience, indoor comfort, and safety.

For plumbing done right contact Connor Plumbing today. The company that’s not going anywhere, and has 100+ years of history to back it up.

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