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How to Detect Hidden Water Leaks in Lumberton and Nederland

Where would you go if, let’s say, you didn’t want to be found for a while?  You know, like hiding.  Behind one of your walls?  Not likely?  Underneath your sub-flooring?  Even less likely.

But ultimately, you have no shortage of hiding places.

The same cannot be said for water.  Water leaks can occur only where water can enter your house or where water fixtures or pipes are located.  While that may sound like we haven’t done very much whittling down, houses aren’t built like sieves.  They’re pretty water tight, for the most part, to help keep us safe and dry.

And yet, the older your home and plumbing become, the more prone you become to dealing with a hidden water leak, and all the problems it can cause.

That’s why Connor Plumbing urges you keep a watchful eye out for any signs of a hidden water leak like these:

  • A puddle of water under your fridge, or even marks on your floor indicating that water was there at one time
  • Black mold on an interior wall, door or ceiling
  • One or more wet spots on your lawn when the rest of the lawn is dry
  • A water bill so high, it practically makes you gasp
  • Musty odors you can’t identify the source of

Hidden or otherwise, we urge you to contact Connor Plumbing if you even suspect you might have a water leak.  The longer you wait, the greater the potential for wasted water and water-related damage, such as rotted floor boards, wet walls and ceilings that have to be replaced, and more.  At Connor Plumbing, we offer prompt and accurate water leak detection along with expert repairs.

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