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How to Make the Most of Your Home’s Primary Entry Way

Some people have spacious and cozy mudrooms for all their wet boots and coats. For everyone else, it’s make do with what you have.  This blog is dedicated to the latter group with some fresh thinking (we hope!) on how to keep all that mud and water out of your living spaces.


Vertical spaces: Not everyone has enough space for a large organizing piece of furniture, but everyone has walls. You can install hooks for coats, backpacks, or purses. Even hanging baskets for hats and umbrellas can sit nicely on a hook by the door. 

Floors: Keep all that mess off your floors by using a plastic tray filled with decorative rocks as a buffer, and then placing the boots on top. The water will drip into the tray while allowing the boots to thoroughly dry. 

Closets: Removing the door(s) from an entry way closet allows for more openness in creating your faux mudroom. You can add shelves, storage baskets, hooks, and even a small bench for taking off gear. Add a bright paint color and good lighting and, just like that, you’ve added more than greater functionality.  

Garages: Utilizing the space in the garage can be a creative way to make a mudroom. Clear a wall nearest the doorway from garage to house and place cushion on the seat and back for comfort.  You can even create an accent wall behind with for a little added décor while creating a separate area for the depositing drying out of wet clothing and outerwear.   

Height: Most people have more room than they think in their entry way because there is space over your heads. So why not maximize that space and install a high shelf in your hallway or foyer for added storage space.  Its placement won’t create or add to visual clutter, but will provide a new space for storage baskets and the like. 

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