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How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Life without a garbage disposal would be, hmm, messier?  A little less convenient? 

“Yes” on both counts. So, doesn’t it make sense to take the best possible care of yours so it can keep doing its job so you do a little less?  No doubt about it.


That’s why we offer you these time-tested methods for keeping your garbage clean – not to mention odor- and repair-free: 

  • Clean the inside of your disposal – It’s super easy.  Just grab a few ice cubes and place them and a cup of vinegar into the disposal.  Turn your unit on and let it run for about 5 minutes. The result will be cleaner inside disposal walls to prevent food from sticking. When food does cling and remain there, eventually it’s going to rot and reek!  
  • Clean the drain line – Whatever can stink inside a garbage disposal can do the same thing once it moves into and down the drain line.  That’s why we recommend pouring ground coffee down your disposal periodically.  Yes, it really is just that simple.  
  • Create a pleasant-smelling disposal – It’s one thing to get rid of things that can stink, but quite another to create a pleasant-smelling garbage unit.  Just cut up a lemon or orange into small pieces and grind them up.  The peel’s strong fragrance will liven up your olfactory senses, inside and outside your disposal.
  • Protect your disposal from damage – Garbage disposals were never designed to be catch-all’s, so be sure not to treat yours that way. No large bones, please.  Same goes for nuts, banana peels, grease, corn husks, pasta, and any fibrous foods like onion skin or most vegetables. On the other hand, your disposal will do just fine with coffee grinds, cooked meat scraps, fruit scraps, citrus rinds, and more.

Even with the best of care, garbage disposals don’t last forever. If now’s the time for yours to receive a little professional attention or perhaps even be replaced, contact Connor Plumbing today. We’re the local plumbing that does it all.

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