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Common Kitchen DIY Mistakes

Whether it’s to save money or continue building on handyman skills, many homeowners choose to tackle kitchen remodeling projects themselves vs. hiring a pro. Are you a confirmed do-it-yourselfer? If so, beware of these all-too-common mistakes that can waste time and money both.

Sloppy paint jobs. Bleeding paint lines, uneven transitions, and paint splatters on windows and floors are all signs of a paint job that lacked patience, prep, and proper cleanup. Take a lesson from the pros and spend more time prepping than you do painting. Remove outlet and light switch covers, repair or smooth out wall imperfections, cover light fixtures, furnishings, and floors, and use a quality painter’s tape around molding and ceilings.

Gaps between flooring and walls. If you’re installing new flooring, remove the shoe molding or baseboard first to ensure a virtually seamless fit. Otherwise, you could find yourself staring at an unsightly gap.

Gaps around and in between cabinetry. You’d be hard pressed to find a perfectly level home, even with new construction. When hanging cabinetry, these subtle imperfections can scream “amateur” if not filled in properly. When hanging cabinets, use a shim to fill in the gap between the cabinet and wall, then cover the shim with matching cabinet molding.

Poorly placed light fixtures. If you’re reworking the footprint of your kitchen, don’t forget to rework lighting placement, too. Otherwise, you could end up with fixtures that don’t line up properly over your island or kitchen sink. Plan and budget for lighting and electrical at the same time you’re designing your kitchen.

Careless floor tile installation. If tile is installed over an uneven subfloor, tiles will eventually crack. Make sure the subfloor is level and secured to the floor joists.

If your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project involves plumbing, make Connor Plumbing your go-to team of remodeling partners. We’re licensed, insured, and experienced in all aspects of home plumbing. That includes gas line installation if you’re looking to switch from electric to gas cooking.  Contact us today to help you plan your project and for a free custom proposal.


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