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The Convenience of a Pot Filler Faucet

We live in a convenience and comfort-oriented society, to be sure. Tired of turning lights on and off? Get yourself a lighting control system. Can’t be bothered vacuuming floors anymore and don’t want to hire a cleaning service? Easy: get yourself a robot vacuum cleaner Can’t walk all the way from your family room to the kitchen for some ice? Install a bar sink with mini-fridge and you’ll no longer have to.

there also are innovations that sit squarely on the border of “convenience” and
“helpful aid.” One that comes to mind are the still-relatively-new pot filler

Here’s a photo of one in case this your first such encounter.

pretty much just what it sounds like – a faucet you install over or next to your
stove so you can fill pots without having to move them from the sink. While
that may sound its’ like the height of laziness to you, for others – say, those
with arthritic hands – it’s a great way to avoid dropping heavy pots or injuring
hands, wrists, and feet.

Even if
you’re in mint condition, pot fillers make it so much easier to cook for a
crowd by enabling you to fill pots and pans in place while using your sink for
other meal prep functions.

Pot fillers also help minimize kitchen
messes. Since they enable you to fill pots and pans right at the stove, you can
keep your sink open for food prep and cleaning as you go.

Does that sound like the kind of added convenience and safety precaution that might suit your circumstances, or those of an elderly parent? Then contact Connor Plumbing for more information and a free new-installation quote. You’ll be glad to know that pot fillers come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and finishes, so there’s one for every kitchen, including yours.

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