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The Benefits of a Water Softener


Hard water is the number one water quality issue in the country.

We’re not talking hard like hammering a nail. Or hard like climbing Mount Everest. No, this is a different kind of hard. The kind that leaves your hair frizzy, your skin dry, your white clothing and bedding less than white – while causing other problems, as well. That goes for city and well water alike.

Hard water is the result of excess levels of certain minerals in your water, especially calcium and magnesium. It’s not considered harmful to your health, but it can be a real pain in the elbow around the house, and a costly pain at that.

Here are a few additional problems you’re likely to face:

  • Funny tasting and smelling water
  • Scummy residue on tubs and showers
  • Slow-flushing toilet
  • Spotty glasses and dishes
  • Reduced appliance lifespan
  • Corroded plumbing pipes and connections
  • Lather-less shampoos

Before discovering the cause of the problem, most people spend lots more money on extra soap, personal care products, plumbing repairs, and appliance replacement.

A Water Softener from Connor Plumbing

Connor Plumbing installs, maintains, and repairs whole-house water softeners, the best solution of all to hard water.

We install only high quality systems that are built to last, easy to operate, and provide the filtered water you need for everyday life. Your water will create richer lathers while using less soap, rinse cleaner without film and residue, and protect your plumbing from stains, scale, and mineral deposits.

You’ll also benefit from:

  • Cleaner hair and softer skin
  • Brighter and softer clothes
  • Cleaner dishes and glasses
  • Less time needed to clean sinks, tubs, and more

And yes, there’s that “little” matter of saving you money on fewer plumbing repairs, longer-lasting appliances, and the need for fewer household and personal cleaning products.

Contact us today to schedule a home water analysis and new water softener proposal. Connor Plumbing – for all your home water quality needs.

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