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Low Water Pressure Could Signal Bigger Plumbing Problems.

“Okay, so the water’s flowing a little slower than usual from your kitchen faucet or showerhead – what’s the big deal?  It’s not like anyone’s getting hurt, is it?  Let’s just all stop complaining and get on with our lives!”

This is Connor Plumbing speaking, and we didn’t mean any of the above.  It was just our little way of suggesting that you SHOULD be concerned if you suddenly experience low pressure as it could be a sign that a much bigger problem needs to be addressed.  And, if in fact that is the case, the sooner it’s addressed, the better off you’ll be.

So, in trying to understand what causes a reduction in water pressure in the first place, let’s look at a few of the more benign reasons:

  • Clogged shower head
  • Dirty or clogged faucet aerator
  • A partially closed water valve, whether it’s your home’s main water valve or one dedicated to a faucet or toilet, etc.

All plumbing problems should be as easy to fix as these.  But that’s not always the case, at least not when it comes to low water pressure.  Here are two more sinister and systemic causes:

Calcium and other mineral sediment

Calcium and magnesium are two minerals commonly found in well and city water supplies and are not harmful to your health.  But in high concentrations, they can cuase their fair share of problems, including the build-up of sediment inside your water heater and pipes.  Over time and as the sediment builds up, the flow of water can become restricted.  So if you have low water pressure in more than one location inside or outside your home, contact Connor Plumbing so we can troubleshoot the problem before it gets any worse.

Damage to your pipes

When water pipes develop a crack or leak, that allows water to escape and foreign matter like dirt and other debris to enter:  the perfect cocktail not just for low water pressure, but a pipe repair or replacement job.

Right now, sitting where we are, we have no idea what might be causing your low water pressure problem.  But we have the training, experience, and determination to solve that little mystery for you, and recommend exactly the right means of corrective action to put added convenience back in your life, while giving you one less thing to worry about.  Contact Connor Plumbing today to request service, where you always get a a guaranteed upfront price along with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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