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The Value of a Home Plumbing Inspection

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You’ve been offered preventive maintenance before. You know, the kind of service you get when there’s nothing wrong – instead, the purpose is to prevent something from going wrong.

We’re betting that you tend to decline such offers. Your reason being: “Why spend money I don’t have to?”

And yet sometimes “have to” isn’t the point when the better question is “should I?”

Why You Should Protect Your Plumbing

If you were to build a new, 3-family house today, the plumbing alone would cost up to $12,000. Given that plumbing doesn’t last forever, doesn’t it make sense to have it looked at periodically to make sure everything is working up to par? And to catch repairs in the making before they become repair bills?

Here are some of the steps included in our plumbing inspection process:

  • Check fixtures, supply lines & drains
  • Check all above-ground, exposed plumbing, include traps and shut-off valves
  • Inspect sinks, showers, and toilets
  • Inspect drainage systems
  • Apply clearly-labeled valve tags wherever needed
  • Check water filtration system

But that’s not all.

The Safety Factor

A home plumbing inspection is also about better ensuring your family’s safety. Here are just two examples of how we go about that. Here are two such examples included in a Connor plumbing inspection:

  • Check hot water temperature.  If your water is too hot, it’s easy to experience a severe burn. A sudden burst of hot water in the shower also could cause you to fall and further injure yourself.
  • Check gas water heater for potential leaks. Even a pinhole gas leak can cause numerous health problems, like headaches, dizziness, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and nausea.

Our advice?  It’s far better to take care of your plumbing than take it for granted. With that in mind, contact Connor Plumbing today to schedule service.

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