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Why Are My Pipes Sweating?


Ever notice condensation around your plumbing pipes, fixtures, and toilet tanks? This phenomenon, often referred to as plumbing sweat, is the result of warm, humid air coming in contact with cooler pipes and toilets – much like you’d see on a glass of ice cold lemonade on a hot day.

Plumbing sweat requires extra wiping to keep things dry. If left unchecked, the moisture can damage the surfaces around your toilets and pipes while fostering mold growth.

Here are a few ways to nip this pesky problem before damage is done.

Add insulation to pipes. A simple and inexpensive way to keep pipes from sweating is to wrap them in foam insulation. It’s available at your local home improvement store and is easy to install. Plus, it will protect your pipes from freezing once winter rolls around.

Focus on dew point. The higher the humidity level, the higher the dew point, which is the temperature needed to cool warm and humid air before it can release water vapor. Lower the humidity and you’ll lower the dew point, thus minimizing plumbing sweat.

Increase water temperature. An anti-sweat valve connects to the hot and cold water supply lines and mixes hot with cold water as needed. Doing so raises the temp just enough to make the surface warmer, thereby reducing or eliminating condensation. You also can add an anti-sweat valve under your sink.

Install a ventilation fan. Your extra-long, hot showers aren’t helping the condensation situation. Make sure you have a properly sized vent fan in your bathroom to remove moisture from the air. Run it during your shower or bath and leave it running for at least 10 minutes after you’re done.

Add a whole-house dehumidifier. Overall, your central AC system should do a decent job of removing excess humidity from your home. But for especially sticky summers, you may need the added muscle of a whole-house dehumidifier. It works seamlessly with your cooling system to reduce moisture in the air and provide an enhanced level of indoor comfort.

If you have plumbing sweat and can’t seem to get rid of it, contact Connor Plumbing today for the right solution and a guaranteed price quote.

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